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JAN 2017

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42 MMS January 2017 COMPETING IDEAS Columnist candidates that may all possess the must-have traits you are seeking. 4. Plan to talk less and listen more during the actual interview. The candidate should do most of the talking. Although an interview should be a so-called two-way street in which the com- pany learns about the candidate, and the can- didate learns about the position and the company, it is all too common for the interviewer to do most of the talking. As someone once said: "Those who are talking are not listening, nor learning." There should always be time allotted at the end of the interview for the candidate to ask ques- tions, and that is when the inter viewer should do most of the talking. 5. Consider using two interviewers. Tra- ditionally, inter views are conducted on a one- on-one basis. Although this can be effective, you may be able to learn more about a candidate if t wo pe ople are ask ing que stions dur ing the interview. The two interviewers can actually help each other by asking questions from dif ferent viewpoints. Some may argue that this puts the candidate at a disadvantage and may even be intimidating, but if a prospective employee cannot handle the job interview, he or she is not likely to do well in the job. 6. Plan on summarizing your perception of how the candidate would per form in the job. At the end of the interview, plan to tell the candidate what impressed you about his or her background and, although it may create some discomfort, what you believe could be a problem for the candidate if he or she were to get the job. Consider this a sanity check of sorts. Unless you have a great deal of interviewing experience and a strong record of hiring success, there is a chance you have missed or misinterpreted some- thing during the interview. Providing the candidate an opportunity to comment on your perception could yield a win-win outcome in the event you did miss or misunderstand something important. It is also an opportunity to see how the candidate reacts to criticism. Mitutoyo America Corporation | 1-888-mitutoyo | C M M • V I S I O N • F O R M A N D F I N I S H • P R E C I S I O N T O O L S A N D I N S T R U M E N T S • D A T A M A N A G E M E N T As the world's leading metrology company, Mitutoyo is committed to break-through technologies in current and future product development for its full range of dimensional measurement tools, instruments, software and systems. Held in the belief that providing the highest quality products and services to our customers, in turn allows you to do the same for your customers, Mitutoyo continues to develop the most advanced metrology solutions. "Precision is our profession," is not only the company motto, but also the principle by which every Mitutoyo employee stands. Precision is Our Profession Product Catalog

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