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JAN 2017

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46 MMS January 2017 THE VIEW FROM MY SHOP Guest Columnist amount of information out there could overwhelm us. What should we do when we can't possibly do everything? The key is to do something. So many shops choose to just do nothing and then get so far behind in remaining competitive that they can never catch up. Competitiveness may look like a mountain that needs to be climbed right away, but focusing on making small changes in our businesses daily or weekly will get us to the top of the mountain eventually. Begin by developing an improvement plan that will make your shop a little bit better every day. To start, figure out what equipment you will need to be more competitive in the future, not j u s t to d ay. I f yo u b u y fo r to d ay, yo u w i l l b e frustrated tomorrow. You can also start standardizing your tooling from good suppliers. This will help make your machining more predictable. You should only change to other tooling if you determine that it fits your shop and benefits most of the shop's machining processes. Next, look for ways to streamline programming and scheduling. Always think simple. Simple means faster, which means more productive. Try to streamline and simplify every day. When we focus on becoming incrementally better, just a little bit each day, we will reach our goals, slowly but surely. Be consiste nt, and results will follow. I'm tr ying to do this, too. With the lowered stress level of focusing on small, daily improve- ments instead of a mega-mountain of them all at once, I have a happier outlook for the future of machining. I think I'll give up on the idea of being a plumber. After all, then I'd have to change my tooling. M o d e r n E n g i n e e r i n g, a Va n c o u ve r-a re a contract machine shop, is one of the larger five-axis machining providers on Canada's west coast. More at HAIMER Power Mill Maximum metal removal rate – A quantum leap into the next milling dimension. Tooling Technology Measuring Instruments Balancing Technology Shrinking Technology Haimer USA, LLC | 134 E. Hill Street | Villa Park, IL 60181 | Phone: +1-630-833-1500 | Email: | Variable helix design for vibration-free machining <0.0002" runout accuracy for ultimate precision Fine-balanced for consistent and repeatable performance Integrated Safe-Lock TM shank – for optional use with Safe-Lock TM tool holding technology

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