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JAN 2017

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58 MMS January 2017 SHOP TALK large-scale manufacturers to take advantage of additive manufacturing in traditional production environments, with the aerospace, automotive and tooling industries expected to benefit first. Siemens Digital Factory, call 800-879-8079 or visit Stratasys Inc., call 888-480-3548 or visit KITAGAWA- NORTHTECH HIRES SENIOR MANAGER, ENGINEERING AND QUALITY Kitagawa NorthTech Inc. (Schaumburg, Illinois) has named Ed Johan- nesen senior manager of engineering and qual- i t y. H e w i l l h e a d t h e d e s i g n e n g i n e e r i n g group and quality control a n d l e a d c o n ti n u o u s improvement processes for the company. Kitagawa-NorthTech Inc., call 800-222-4138 or visit CORRECTION: FOOEY ON FOOE In last month's Deciding Factors column, "OEE May Not Be Enough," we failed to catch two instances of the incor- rect acronym "FOOE." Lest there be any confu- sion, the correct acro- nym for "financial over- all equipment efficiency" is "FOEE," not "FOOE," w h i c h m o r e c l o s e l y resembles an expletive generally reser ved for such events as an unex- pected spindle crash or stubbed toe. reliable operational performance with predictable properties across a broad portfolio of materials that are certifiable for specific applications and that are driven by a seamless, digital integration from design to production. Together, Stratasys and Siemens plan to address these challenges. Dan Yalon, executive vice president of products for Stratasys, says that the technology coming out of this par tnership is intended to enable

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