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JAN 2017

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Page 99 of 148 January 2017 MMS 97 and shortening overall cycle times, the machine system offers rapid traverse at speeds ranging to 1,380 ipm in the X axis, and 1,176 ipm in both the Y and Z axes with an acceleration/decelera- tion rate of 0.5 G. In addition to providing a niche in terms of par t-size processing, For t Walton Machining s ays the V HP 16 0 has e nha nc e d its cu t ting capabilities, particularly in aerospace compo- nents that feature deep, thin-walled pockets and require extensive metal removal. "A nyone c a n machine a 0.050 -inch-thick wa ll th at is o n l y 0.10 0 -i n c h d e e p/ h i g h," M r. M c D o na ld s ays. "B u t tr y ho lding to l e ra nc e, straightness and required surface finish when that thin wall is 3 inches high/deep. It all comes down to your machine's capabilities—speed, accuracy and rigidity. Without the right machine and tooling running at the right speeds and feeds, you will never succeed." T h e p r o f i l e r 's s p e e d a n d a c c u r a c y a r e also critical for achieving superior part finishes, he says. A par t's aesthetics are impor tant to today's aerospace companies. " While a par t may be machined to exact tolerances, sloppy, a e s t h e t i c a l l y d i s p l e a s i n g s u r f a c e f i n i s h e s give the impression of imprecision, poor perfor- m a n c e a n d p ote n ti a l p a r t f a i l u re," h e s ay s. "Plus, the simple fact is that aircraft components a r e e x p e n s i v e , e s p e c i a l l y t h e l a r g e r- s i z e ones, and OEMs want perfection in both func- tionality and aesthetics. With the VHP 160, we can fulfill both requirements and reduce cost p e r p a r t t h r o u g h o p t i m i ze d s e t u p s , s p e e d and precision." While For t Walton Machining is planning to bring in new work for the profiler, it has initially moved some existing work over to the machine to increase efficiency and reduce cost per part. One such job is a radar shroud that is reduced from 200 pounds of raw stock to only 35 pounds after machining. "With the VHP 160, we improved part accuracy and achieved seriously shor ter run times for th e s h ro u d," s ay s C h a d W i s e n b u rg e r, C N C mill super visor. "The machine reduced cycle time by 50 p e rc e nt, a nd for us, that k ind of speed means less time spent, more parts and more profit." BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: Search Machines Smarter. Machining Center Drill/Tap Boring Mill Milling Machine Machine Type: The Machine Tool Search Engine

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