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MAR 2017

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Page 105 of 156 March 2017 MMS 103 BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology by contouring of the outer shape and final, finish-lapping of the bore. "During the finish lap, you c a n re a l l y te l l th e d i f fe re n c e between a bore that was honed before rifling and one that was lapped," Mr. Dichter says. "You can easily sense any remaining tight or loose spots in the bore, and the diameter uniformity and roundness of the honed bore are superb. The lap also feels differ- ent in a honed bore. " We a r e c u r r e n t l y h o n i n g approximately 80 percent of the barrels we make and will do more as we acquire the tools in differ- ent calibers. We have learned that the quality of our reaming does not need to be as critical now that we have the honing machine. Although there is a trade-off in cycle time and abra- sive cost for additional honing, we are still able to run our ream- ers two to three times longer than when we lapped alone." After honing, barrels are stress- relieved in a tempering furnace. Final operations include contour- ing of the outer shape and finish- lapping of the bore. U S A MADE SERIOUSLY HARD-HITTING CUTTING TOOLS A Division of:

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