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MAR 2017

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122 MMS March 2017 SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE monitoring spindle bearing health. TMAC is a tool monitoring system that provides immediate machine stop and retract when a tool breaks in order to minimize damage. Designed to ease unattended operation, the adaptive control feature auto- matically adjusts the feed rate to maintain a constant tool load, which reduces cycle time with difficult-to-machine materials, the company says. Additionally, TMAC can monitor vibration, strain, coolant pressure, coolant flow and spindle speed. For spindle bearing analysis, a vibration sensor attached to the spindle is hardwired to TMAC. The vibration signal is analyzed for the accelera- tion signature (which indicates the health of the bearings) and the velocity signature (which detects misalignment, imbalance and looseness). The bearing analysis is initiated through the CNC part program. Results are displayed within 5 sec., and TMAC saves reports to a file for analysis. A visual color indicator on the TMAC screen shows the result of the most recent analysis. The icon appears green when the bearings are in good or excellent health, yellow when they need attention, and red when they need immediate attention. Caron Engineering, call 207-646-6071 or visit CAM SYSTEM OFFERS EXTENDED CHIP BREAK FUNCTIONALITY Open Mind Technologies has released version 2017.1 of its HyperMill CAM system. Among the various new features is an extended chip break function for turning operations that adds flexibil- ity when machining hard and soft materials. New functions make it possible to remove chips safely for non-falling contours. The machining length can now be defined in combination with a short stop in order to break swarf that might otherwise wrap around the spindle and damage the work- piece. Defining the machining length in combina- tion with a short pause can also help maintain high surface quality, the company says. Addition- ally, dividing the workpiece surface into multiple sections to be machined in a specific order is said • Type or Teach Positioning • Compact Flash Card Memory • Line Dot or Radius Fonts • No Limits to Line Numbers • Sequential Numbering • Date / Time Shift Coding • Mark Virtually Any Material • True Chipless Engraving A Must For Every Shop! • • (815) 363-8268 Direct Marking of Text and Graphics on Steel • Aluminum • Brass • Plastics Dot Peen Marker by Kwik Mark Inc. Made in the USA A R C T E X T S E R I A L : 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 - 2 1 - 1 4 1 3 : 3 4 IMPORT GRAPHICS & EDIT! 2D DATA MATRIX SERIALIZE & DATE/TIME CODE MIRROR TEXT MIRROR TEXT REVERSE TEXT REVERSE TEXT ANGULAR TEXT ANGULAR TEXT

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