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MAR 2017

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124 MMS March 2017 SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE new selection functions make selecting CAD elements particularly convenient. The new draft and curvature analyses help users to quickly view and examine milling areas or radii sizes. Open Mind Technologies USA Inc., call 888-516- 1232 or visit TOUCHSCREEN HMI SIMPLIFIES MACHINE MONITORING FANUC America's iHMI (Intelligent Human Machine Interface) is designed to provide a simpler, more ef ficient and intuitive way to interact with the company's 30i/31i/32i-Model B CNCs. The iHMI features a flat-panel touchscreen display and a highly graphical, straightforward navigation. It also incorporates a suite of new tools and features designed to improve ease of use and operational ef ficiency while bringing more control to the shop floor. The Cycle Time Estimation function can quickly and easily process programs created in CAD/ CAM software and provide an estimated cycle time that is accurate to within 5 percent, the company says. Accurate estimates help operators to plan better, leading to greater overall efficiency. The Ser vo Viewer lets the operator monitor key machine tool operations data in waveform display without an external PC. Information on servo performance, spindle performance, CNC data and PMC signal can help operators reduce cycle times by optimizing cutting conditions and machining programs. The Maintenance Manager proactively moni- tors control components such as servo amps and CNC fans to identify potential issues before they occur. The iHMI offers a manual to guide opera- tors through repair or replacement procedures. Other new functions include a Data Manage- ment tool for logging operational data for use in other iHMI applications and sharing via MT Link; BALL GAGE BAL-tEc Division Micro Surface Engr., Inc. 1550 E. Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90011 323-582-7348 • Save time with the self centering spherical surface of the ball gage. When measuring a large number of holes it can be 100 times faster. Put one or two flats on the ball and find any out-of-round holes. Measure how parallel the space is between two surfaces and or the size. You can get into inside diameters or inside spherical surfaces of rod end bearings. Bend the stem to reach inaccessible locations, in confined areas, down in a hole, inside a cavity or in a buried feature which cannot be seen. Mount the ball on a wire for flexibility to go around corners in pipe and tubing, for example. Easily measure the width of grooves or the surfaces of spherical and toroidal features. Accurately measure the pitch diameter of bearing races, threaded surfaces and of gears Ball Gage instead of a cylindrical plug gage. BENCHMARKING YOUR MACHINING BUSINESS

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