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MAR 2017

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126 MMS March 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: Measurement & Inspection Mitutoyo offers its RA-6000CNC, a custom-built CNC roundness/cylindricity measuring system with high accuracy. The machine is designed to measure large, heav y, cylindrical workpieces generally associated with the automotive, energy, marine and aviation industries. It provides rotational accuracy 0.05+6H/10,000 microns. The machine has a maximum table loading capacity of 772 lbs (350 kg), a maximum probing diameter of 34.6" (880 mm) and a maximum probing height of 41.3" (1,050 mm). The measuring range, including diameter and height, is customizable depending on customer requirements. Mitutoyo America Corp., call 888-648-8869 or visit MACHINE MEASURES CYLINDRICITY OF LARGE, HEAV Y WORKPIECES four instruments on one platform. Designed for manufacturers of automotive, aircraft and other like-sized gears, the machine of fers a single, compact, reliable and easy-to operate inspection solution to apply the most desirable gear mea- surement and analysis methods for both R&D and production applications, the company says. The 300GMSL can perform tactile probing to support traditional gear feature data collection on spur and helical gears as well as spiral and s t r a i g h t b e v e l g e a r s r a n g i n g to 3 0 0 m m i n d i a m e te r. T h e p l a t fo r m a l s o s u p p o r ts n o n - contact, full form laser scanning for a range of work pieces to suppor t gear development in which large amounts of data need to be collected faster than possible with conventional tactile probing. Optional inspection features include sur face finish measurement and Barkhausen Noise Analysis. The integration of advanced technology such as laser scanning expands the functionality and application range of this platform. The laser scan- ning probe is said to deliver faster data collection speeds than conventional probing methods with comparable accuracy, making the 300GMSL GEAR INSPECTION MACHINE HAS MULTIPLE TYPES OF SENSORS Gleason introduces the 300GMSL multi-sensor inspection machine, providing the capabilities of

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