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MAR 2017

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130 MMS March 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: Measurement & Inspection to rotate the shaft. A DC motor drives the motion belt from 2 to 20 rpm while the gaging computer collects data for analysis. The customizable software displays results as bar graphs, polar graphs or XY graphs with mea- suring values or mean values. The D1200X software interface optimizes gage use and eases creation of customized forms and programs. It also provides i n te g r a te d f u n c t i o n s f o r m e a s u r i n g s y s te m analysis, repeatability and reproducibility. SPC functions enable analysis of X/S, X/R, Pareto and histograms, and data can be exported in QDAS, Quasar, ASCII and Excel formats. Mahr Federal Inc., call 800-343-2050 or visit EXTENDED-TRAVEL DIGITAL COMPARATOR HANDLES GAS TURBINE PARTS Methods Machine Tools o f f e r s a n e x t e n d e d - t r a v e l v e r s i o n o f t h e 700-series VisionGauge d i g i t a l c o m p a r a t o r m a n u f a c t u r e d b y Visionx. This machine features a 24" × 24" × 24" envelope as well as tilt and rotary axes in a trunnion configuration. This configuration com- bined with the system's ability to accommodate parts weighing as much as 100 lbs makes it suit- a b l e fo r l a rg e, h e av y p a r t s s u c h a s t h o s e found in the industrial gas turbine industry. T h e 70 0 - s e r i e s i s also well-suited to the inspection of EDM and l a s e r- d r i l l e d c o o l i n g holes, as well as com- p l e x p a r t s m a d e v i a additive manufacturing. The digital comparator can automatically verify hole presence as well as accurately measure hole location and geom- etry. The machine sup- por ts both round and shaped holes and works e q u a l l y w e l l o n b ot h coated and uncoated p a r t s , t h e c o m p a n y says. BLUCO CORPORATION 3500 Thayer Court - Aurora, IL 60504 - 800-535-0135 STOP Start Maximizing your spindle time with a Bluco modular fixturing system (wasting setup time) 25 Years

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