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MAR 2017

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138 MMS March 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Liebherr offers its bin-picking solution with a new vision system for intelligent removal of workpieces from a random arrangement. The vision system works on a triangulation method developed jointly with a collaborative partner specializing in sen- sors. The system scans bins containing compo- nents using a process of laser/camera interaction. This system achieves 10 times the resolution of the previous laser runtime image recognition system, the company says, improving recognition of the mini features required for positional iden- tification and component differentiation purposes. Shadowing and collision risks are also reduced. The system enables eight-axis robot arms to pick components, even from transport bins as deep as 1 m, such as wire mesh or steel bins. BIN-PICKING SOLUTION'S TWO-PHASE VISION SYSTEM ACHIEVES HIGHER RESOLUTION beforehand. Recognition and analysis takes about 5 sec., according to the company, facilitat- ing shorter cycle times for the entire system. A higher resolution means that data cloud surfaces are smooth and practically noise-free. The result- ing high-qualit y re adings are transmit ted to th e b i n p i c k i n g sy s te m's m a i n s of t wa re fo r further processing. The software has also been updated and now features a user-friendly graph- ical user interface. Liebherr Gear Technology Inc., call 734-429-7225 or visit DRILLING MACHINE HANDLES LARGE WORKPIECES AS LONG AS 65 FEET Unisig's B850 drilling machine, part of the com- pany's B-series line designed for on-center drill- ing of round workpieces, features technologies designed to improve performance while reducing cost. The bed and rack-and-pinion system were retained, while feed systems were modernized to improve rigidity and reduce backlash. A new high-performance, helical-geared transmission was incorporated in a three-range, automatically shifting headstock. Modern gearing and powertrain concepts simplified construction of the machine, reducing cost and boosting reliability and perfor- mance, the company says. Both the work and tool headstocks deliver 166 hp, providing the high power and torque needed to drill holes ranging in diameter to 7.1" (180 mm) in nickel alloys, 8.7" (221 mm) in carbon steel and 12.6" (320 mm) with counterboring. The B850 is available with maximum drill depths rang- ing from 78" to 65 ft. (1.98 to 19.81 m), and the machine bed can accommodate workpieces weighing as much as 10 tons (9,071 kg). T h e B 8 5 0 a l s o o f f e r s a s t a n d a r d The new image recognition system now features a blue laser instead of the previous system's red laser. This captures reflective components even more reliably and recognizes organic or semi- transparent materials as well as metal components. The two-stage triangulation system captures bin content with just one linear movement, with- out the 3D vison system having to be positioned

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