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MAR 2017

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140 MMS March 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Save labor costs with unattended operation Small Conveyors & Accumulators 800-586-4585 Quick easy quotes: 640 series tapered drill reamers in stock: • For drilling close tolerance holes in CFRP/GFRP • Can be used with or without pilot holes • Straight flute design to avoid delamination 220 series composite tip carbide drills: • For drilling composite without delam • Special pilot on spiraled drill • Available with threaded shanks 800.428.TOOL | All tools can be sharpened back to new for a fraction of the cost with a short turnaround time. MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE HEARTLAND programmable coolant system. Combined with user-friendly controls and the other new design features, the machine allows an operator to focus on the part being machined instead of managing a wide variety of manual functions. In addition to standard BTA drilling methods, the drilling machine is also capable of counter- b o r i n g, t r e p a n n i n g, a n d s k i v i n g a n d r o l l e r burnishing processes, achieving strict tolerances. It is suitable for aerospace, defense, and oil and gas applications. Unisig Deep Hole Drilling Systems, call 262-252-3802 or visit MACHINING CENTER PROCESSES SMALL, COMPLEX MEDICAL PARTS UNATTENDED Available in three- and five-a xis versions, the Mikron HSM 200U LP from GF Machining Solu- tions is designed for speed, efficiency, precision and quality surface finishes in the machining of small, complex components including medical implants and other highly detailed parts. Capable of true, five-axis simultaneous high-speed machin- ing, the machine features linear motor technology in the main axes and optimized direct-drive motors in the B and C axes. These components are said to result in high precision and part surface finishes as fine as 0.05 micron Ra. In addition, the machine's powerful 50,000-rpm, 11.4-hp Step-Tec spindle contributes to precise part details and excellent surface finishes, the company says. Optional Mikron pallet magazines with System 3R and Erowa interfaces enable the machine to perform 24/7 unattended machining. These fully i nte g r ate d p a l l et m a g a z i n e s c a n b e l o ad e d

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