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MAR 2017

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142 MMS March 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Increase Your Productivity. Machine 2X the parts in 1/2 the space. One Vise. Endless Configurations. Fixed Double Machinable The Deuce BENCHMARKING YOUR MACHINING BUSINESS without interrupting cutting operations already in progress. The automation of tool or workpiece handling is possible from three sides of the machine. A Heidenhain iTNC 530 control system and Smar t machining modules provide advanced monitoring critical to the production of high-value precision medical parts. The system enables the machine to automatically check and evaluate tools and workpieces, inspect tools for breakage and perform measurements of the workpiece. Additionally, the Smart machine modules auto- matically monitor spindle vibration, calibrate machine geometry and transmit process status messages to an operator's cellphone. GF Machining Solutions, call 800-282-1336 or visit TWIN MILLING HEADS ENABLE TWO-, FOUR-, SIX-SIDED MACHINING The You Ji DSM series of heavy-duty duplex mill- ing machines, available from Absolute Machine Tools, is engineered specifically for two-, four- or six-sided production squaring and chamfering of square and rectangular workpieces. Depending on the machine configuration, end users can machine blocks as small as 0.750" × 0.750" (19.05 × 19.05 mm) and as large as 47" × 47" (1,175 × 1,175 mm) in maximum thicknesses ranging from 6" (150 mm) when using a 10" cutter, to 16" (400 mm) with a 16.5" cutter. The duplex spindle design enables simultane- ous two-sided milling that produces consistent

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