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MAR 2017

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144 MMS March 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW parallelism and perpendicularity as well as tight tolerances and fine sur face finishes. The twin milling heads move on rigid box ways along the Z axis. The heads feature variable-speed NT50- or NT60-taper spindles and provide 15 or 30 hp, depending on the machine model. The spindles produce high levels of torque at low rpm, permit- ting effective use of large-diameter cutters, the supplier says. The rotary worktable moves in the X axis on roller-type linear ways and indexes from 0 to 315 degrees at 45-degree intervals. Hydraulic clamp- ing and Hir th couplings combine to produce positioning accuracy of ±0.0003" and repeat- ability of 0.0002". Heav y one-piece cast iron machine bases optimize machine rigidity and minimize thermal displacement. Machine operation is semi-automatic: work- pieces are shuttled in manually, then automatically centered, clamped and checked. Clamping pres- sure increases in steps to expedite accurate centering and provide sufficient clamping force to eliminate chatter. Modular clamping fixtures can be tailored to specific workpiece shapes. Every DSM machine is equipped with a Mit- subishi C-70 control with a touchscreen interface and human-machine interface (HMI). Operator- friendly sof tware speeds setups and reduces change-over time by enabling the setup of sub- sequent jobs while machining is in process. A Cu t ti n g M e m o r y M o d u l e sto re s wo r k p i e c e - material-based cutting data that can be applied to new parts. Absolute Machine Tools Inc., call 800-852-7825 or visit ROBOT MODEL FOR TRANSFER, INSPECTION, PALLETIZING TM Robotics, in partnership with Toshiba Machine, i n tro d u c e s th e B A I I I ro b ot, p a r t of To s h i b a Machine's BA Cartesian series. According to the company, this model is a true plug-and-play solution, since all cables, junction boxes, brack- ets, motors and controllers are supplied with the actuators, meaning that there is no need for calibration between the motor and the actuator or the motor and the controller. In addition, the robot is designed to offer simple programming for user-friendly operation. The BAIII offers a high payload capacity, mean- ing that a horizontal mass of 250 kg with a two-axis combination is capable of carrying as much as 100 kg. The robot can run at speeds as high as 2,000 mm/sec. The robot's actuators have oil-free bearings, minimizing maintenance requirements. Actuator lengths range from 50 to 4,450 mm, and a variety of axis combinations are offered. AC servomotors and absolute encoders are available in all models, ensuring accuracy and eliminating the need to perform a home-positioning routine. Applications include transfer, inspection, palletizing, assembly and sealing. Toshiba Machine Co. America, call 847-593- 1616 or visit TURNING CENTER GRIP FORCE TESTING EQUIPMENT EASES ANALYSIS Kitagawa NorthTech offers its Digital Grip Force Analyzer software and kit (PC version) designed to enable users to easily, accurately and quickly analyze and measure grip force performance of th e i r C N C l a th e s a n d tu r n i n g c e n te r s v i a a

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