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MAR 2017

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146 MMS March 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW ROTARY ENCODERS COUPLE MOTOR FEEDBACK SYSTEMS TO TORQUE MOTORS Heidenhain supplements its line of inductive posi- tion encoders with the ECI 4000/EBI 4000 rotary encoder series. The new encoder variants are modular devices without integral bearing and with a 90-mm hollow shaft, enabling the user to replace the conventional toothed-belt drive for coupling a motor feedback system to torque motors. Con- taining fewer components, these rotary encoders provide increased performance and guaranteed wear-free operation, Heidenhain says. The encod- ers open up new applications for inductive rotary encoders, for example on highly dynamic motors, drive modules and machine components that require a corresponding hollow shaft in the encoder. The single-turn version of the ECI 4000 features a resolution of 20 bits. As an alternative, the EBI 4000 provides a multi-turn variant that features a revolution counter option with a resolution of 16 bits and that is backed up by an external bat- tery buffer. The inductive rotary encoders consist of a scanning unit and the scale drum. The encoders are equipped with the digital EnDat 2.2 inter face. In addition to noise-free transmission, the EnDat 2.2 interface also sup- ports further encoder-specific functions, such as the data transfer from one temperature sensor inside the encoder to one outside of it, or the allocation of standardized valuation numbers for signal diagnostics. The output of these operat- ing parameters in the closed control loop allows permanent monitoring of the encoder status. The new master of speed � KR AGILUS series When it comes to handling tasks, the KR AGILUS offers impressive results combined with minimzed cycle times. At the same time, the speed and accuracy make the performance of this small robot family unique in its payload ca category. Available in 6 and 10 kg payloads with an available reach of 700, 900, and 1,100 mm. 1-800-459-6691

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