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MAR 2017

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22 MMS March 2017 RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief I n describing Laser Design's CyberGage 360 laser scanning unit, it is hard to avoid the com- parison to a microwave oven. The unit works this way: A user places a work- piece to be inspected inside the box-like chamber and shuts the door. Similar to choosing cooking time, the user chooses the desired inspection resolution. Then, within the unit, the part begins to rotate on a turntable as it is scanned from above and below. After two to three minutes, there is a "ding" sound noting the cycle is complete, and the output is a PolyWorks inspection report detail- ing the complete 3D measurement of the part to an accuracy within 0.001 inch. Appliance-Like Device Quickly Inspects 3D Parts on the Shop Floor BY PE TE R Z E LI N S K I This automated inspec- tion "appliance" can be used on the shop floor. The part is placed on the turntable inside the chamber so it can receive a detailed 3D inspection via laser scanning in a cycle of two to three minutes. Laser Design President C. Martin Schuster welcomes the microwave-oven comparison—he uses it himself. He hopes the comparison can help convey the ease of use of a gage that he says represents "a new category of metrology device." In his words, the promise of this device is "super easy, complete inspection on the pro- duction floor." At least one major manufacturer is already aiming to realize this promise. A large supplier of prototype and short-run production parts in Laser Design's home state of Minnesota is planning to dramatically change the way it per forms par t inspection, installing a CyberGage unit near every

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