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MAR 2017

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34 MMS March 2017 DECIDING FACTORS A Focus on Data-Driven Manufacturing This led Advanced Machining to take a two- pronged approach to making effective use of the data from machine monitoring. One was a renewed focus on process improvements, especially as a result of more precisely targeted lean manufac- turing techniques such as setup reduction and "next job readiness." The other prong was making the shop's profit-sharing incentive program more ef fective. Mr. Shor tess says that data-driven performance reviews and corresponding payout policies were a big part of this effort. Here are some additional observations and advice he has to offer: • Build benchmarks and set goals around attainable improvements linked to customer, company and personal benefits. Your good deci- sions help everyone and maximize rewards. • Foster dialogue and keep it positive. How can we work together to help you do better where the facts show room for improvement? • Use data to ask the right questions and get the real reasons for shor tcomings. Good data protects everyone and defuses the blame game. • Let shopfloor visibility generate some healthy competition among employees. Keeping score should reflect that everybody can win. • Shops should think about the HR benefit when evaluating machine monitoring, but it is okay to focus on improving OEE first. Just don't forget about it! And keep HR people in the loop. • Don't let data-driven incentive programs get stale. Review goals and adjust the performance targets often. Your machine-monitoring supplier should be able to help you tweak reports for this. Mr. Shortess also acknowledges that a system set up to help employees succeed doesn't guar- antee that all of them will. "Letting an employee go is one of the toughest decisions any manager has to make. Data from a monitoring system helps us spot that things are not going in the right direction, guides us in efforts to turn things around, but also sets an endpoint if it comes to that," he says." MTConnect ® Compliance for SINUMERIK 840D CNC by TechSolve As a Siemens Solution Partner, TechSolve offers software-only MTConnect ® solutions for: • Siemens Solutionline or Powerline • HMI-Advanced or SINUMERIK Operate Contact for more information

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