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MAR 2017

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64 MMS March 2017 CNC TECH TALK Columnist program that first calls the work-offset-setting subprogram and then executes G54. Creating user-defined G codes is pretty simple. It requires a parameter change and is documented in the custom macro section of the FANUC oper- ator's manual. For a 0iF FANUC CNC, for example, parameter number 6050 species the G code number that will call program O9010. If it is set to a value of 54, the CNC will execute program O9010 whenever G54 is executed. For our example, here is program O9010: O9010 (G54 program) M98 P1000 (Call work-offset-setting program) G54 (Perform the normal function of G54) M99 In this subprogram, G56 will perform its normal function: It will not cause the CNC to execute program O9010 again. Other user-defined G codes must be created for other needed work-coordinate- system-setting G codes, like G55, G56 and so on. Another application for user-created codes is related to where the machine axes are directed just before the program ends. Maybe you want to come up with a convenient and consistent workpiece loading position. You can simply modify the M30 (or M02) end-of-program word so that when it is executed, the CNC will run the related subprogra m. In the subprogra m, you would specify the position to which you want the axes to move, then specify the end-of-program word. Here is an example of the subprogram, which assumes M30 is the program-ending word: O9001 (Called when M30 is executed) G53 X-12.5 Y-10.0 Z0 (Position is specified relative to the machine's reference position) M30 In order for this to work, of course, the related parameter must also be changed. For a FANUC 0iF control, parameter number 6071 is related to program O9001. For this example, it would be set to a value of 30 so that when the CNC executes an M30 word, it will call program O9001. DEBURR ANY CROSSHOLE

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