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MAR 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 92 MMS March 2017 lot charges. We can now easily see if we have similar products needing the same finishing oper- ation as well as their status in their production process with the idea of batching those jobs together so there's just one lot charge." Mr. Olson says a few of ProShop's modules are par ticularly helpful to Sealth's operation, including: • Message module. Not only does this module sends messages as needed (related to items such as non-conformance repor ts, time overages, corrective action requests and so on), but Sealth can direct it to send messages linked to the proper ProShop page to whom- ever should receive them s o th a t a n a n swe r i s provided quick ly and efficiently. This module, which is used daily by all in the company, min- i m i z e s t h e n e e d f o r employees to seek out others there to provide the answers they need. • I n - p r o c e s s Q C module. This module is used to check parts w h i l e t h e y 'r e b e i n g made, enabling Sealth to identify quality prob- lems faster, which helps to re d u c e s c r a p a n d rework, saves costs, and helps ensure on-time deliveries. • Par ts and Work O r d e r m o d u l e s . Enabling Sealth employ- ees to see a picture of a part or the approved par t drawing with the c lic k of a mou se h a s been key to minimizing mistakes. Prior to having this capability, the com- pany was at a higher risk of making an error some- where along the manu- facturing process. Mr. Olson says per- sonalized search queries is another helpful soft- ware feature. "ProShop Adion Systems, call 360-515-7576 or visit Sealth Aero Marine, call 425-481-0727 or visit Check out our product video (707) 838-6272 EXCEL 501 Automated Machine 500x400x160mm $48,200 VERTEX 251 Automated Machine 250x160x160mm $35,275 SOL 161 Manual Machine 160x160x160mm $14,775 Prices include InSpec Metrology Software. Other models with sizes up to 2500x1600mm. AUTOMATE Measuring Parts? MICRO - VU'S FAMILY of MEASURING MACHINES is a FAST , ACCURATE , and EASY solution.

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