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JUL 2017

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130 MMS July 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: Turning Absolute Machine Tools is now the exclusive North American distributor of the Quicktech line of CNC turning centers including the i-42 Ultimate and i-60 Ultimate high-production turning machines. These turning centers from Quick tech enable complete machining, including complex milling operations, of medium-diameter barstock. With two turning spindles, two milling spindles and two B axes, these machines provide a total of 10 axes and capacity for as many as 49 tools. Bar capacity for the 15-hp main spindle is 42 mm for the i-42 mode l and 6 0 mm for the i- 6 0, and 3 0 m m f o r t h e 7. 5 - h p s u b s p i n d l e o n b o t h models. Both main and subspindles feature full, continuous C axes and are synchronized for fast, accurate part transfer. PRODUCTION TURNING CENTERS PERFORM COMPLEX MILLING A matched Mitsubishi CNC system combines a Mitsubishi M830S control with a 15" (275-mm) LCD, Mitsubishi servomotors and amplifiers for reliability and performance. A FANUC OiT-F, 15" (275-mm) LCD system with matched motors and drives is also available. Standard machine features include a bar feeder inter face, par ts conveyor and catcher, chip conveyor, collet chucks, and a 400-psi coolant pump. The machine frames and all major components are cast from Meehanite iron. Large, 35-mm Hiwin roller-type linear guideways and double-anchored, pre -te nsione d, 32-mm ballscrews ma x imize rigidity and precision. Absolute Machine Tools Inc. - Headquarters, call 800-852-7825 or visit MULTITASKING TURNING CENTER FEATURES DOUBLE TURRETS, SPINDLES The GMS-2600 ST multitasking turning center is now available from Yama Seiki. This hybrid machine includes X, Y, Z and C a xes with a live tooling turret, high-speed spindle, automatic toolchanger (ATC) system and B a xis. The GMS-260 0 ST combines a turning center and machining center into one machine to perform complex free-shape machining, tapping, milling, drilling, incline machin- ing, contour machining and turning to save floor space and eliminate secondary operations requir- ing multiple machines. The double turret and double spindle enable machining on two spindles at the same time. With a loading/unloading system, the machine becomes a highly ef ficient automated turning center, according to the company. From workpiece transfer to par ts finishing, machining can be completed in a single setup to save on labor and cycle time while also increasing accuracy, the company says. A four-axis (linear X, Y and Z axes plus rotat- ing B axes) gang-type vertical toolpost serves each spindle. T he main toolpost has six OD turning tools, five ID turning tools and 12 live tools. The sub toolpost features five OD turning tools, nine ID turning tools and 12 live tools. Each toolpost has a Y axis for off-center milling oper- ations. Live tools are mounted in a continuous 3 6 0 - d e g re e B a x i s a n d p owe re d by a 2- h p spindle motor. Rigid tapping is standard, as is a Kennametal KM-25 quick-change system said to minimize tool-change time.

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