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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 100 MMS September 2017 identify mandatory characteristics, resulting in fewer errors. In the past, plans and drawings had to be printed, and updated versions were not always available. Now, Mr. Schmid says that when he updates a measurement plan in the software, it is immediately available for other employees. Accord- ing to head of manufacturing Uwe Forschner, "Having up-to-date data is a significant step forward." The ease with which these plans can be updated not only increases pro- cess reliability, it also reduces the workload for inspection engineers. Mr. Schmid says it previ- ously took an hour to change a measurement plan, but that time has been reduced to just 15 minutes with the new sof tware, leaving him more time to identify and eliminate potential qual- ity problems. Metabo credits PiWeb with improving machine u p t i m e b y r e d u c i n g machine tool setup time in a pilot program. Oper- ators used to spend at least an hour setting up a machine to handle a n e w w o r k p i e c e a n d ensuring process reli- ability. Mr. Schmid and Mr. Forschner worked to optimize this process by analyzing data from the software. Eventually, they were able to define four relevant character- istics on a specific work- piece that are sufficient for process approval. "Not surprisingly, this takes a lot less time than if you need to measure all 50 potential charac- teristics," Mr. Schmid says. Now, operators .com " " design drawing changes, the link no longer works and employees do not waste time performing a measurement using an outdated drawing. Indi- vidual characteristics also can be visually linked to the workpiece position. Team members can see how to correctly position the workpiece and Zeiss Industrial Metrology US, call 800-327-9735 or visit

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