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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 106 MMS September 2017 realized that the price of a robot and the price of i nte g r ati o n we re t wo s e p a r ate th i n g s. " T h e cost to automate was extremely high," he says, "b u t we we re a l ways a b l e to g et o u r h e ad s around that because of the value that the robot would add to the process. The main problem was that the integration cost of most robotic solutions was three to four times the cost of the solution itself." Wo r k i n g w i th d i s- t r i b u to r A x i s I n c . o f Somerville, New Jersey, they devised a solution c o n s i s t i n g o f a U R 5 c o b o t (c o l l a b o r a t i v e robot) from Universal Robots USA Inc. and a gripper from Robotiq. T h i s s o l u t i o n w o u l d enable Lowercase' pro- duction line to accom- plish the types of move- ments necessar y in a ve r y r e p e a t a b l e a n d p r a c t i c a l w a y, s a y s C ynthia K radjel, A xis account manager for the New York metro area. Axis then brought in an i n t e g r a t o r, R i c h l i n Machinery, to design the platform on which the robot stands. Richland also designed a sole- noid-based solution so that the robot can com- municate with the CNC machine and bring parts in and out as needed, Ms. Kradjel says. In the end, the cost to integrate the cobot and the Robotiq gripper was a f raction of the actual price of the two components, Mr. Masci says, which made it ten- able for the small, two- p e r s o n c o m p a n y t o high-end quality. However, although Mr. Vallario was aware of the benefits of automation, he didn't know much about robots at first. "I had done a little bit of research on robots when I was in graduate school, but I never really had any working experi- ence with them," he says. Another factor the partners needed to consider before incorporating robots into the production proce s s was the total cost. Mr. Masci soon When the coolant becomes a Liquid Tool. Metalworking fluids to optimize productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality. the Liquid T . Blaser Swisslube Inc. Goshen, New York Phone 845-294-3200 C o m e a n d s e e u s !

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