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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 110 MMS September 2017 the change quickly. And since we are competing against bigger, high-end eyewear manufacturers, we have to deliver the highest quality, even if we do quite smaller productions." To bring its eyewear to life, Lowercase imports the material it uses in sheets. These sheets are cut down into small tablets, and the frames themselves are then cut in the CNC machine, which is tended by the UR5 and the Robotiq gripper. The robot picks up the raw material, loads it into the first position, closes the door, presses "start" and then does it all again for the second position. It then removes the finished pair of glasses and puts them in a bucket. The eyewear then goes through many steps of fine-tuning before shipping. Each production batch in the CNC machine averages 500 units in size, with around 30 to 40 units of each style of eyeglass frame. But even with such a small volume, Mr. Vallario says the auto- mated process is the best solution. "I only have a few manual tweaks to do on the vises ever y time, and everything else is automated," he says. " T h i s a u t o m a t i o n i s important for us. Eye- wear production is a very labor-intensive process, and we are such a small team that any improve- ment we can make on our efficiency is huge. Having a product that allows me to sit at the computer and work on design or go work on the more labor-intensive stuff that can't be done by machines is a big plus for us." Using the automation equipment was a learn- ing process, but it went fairly smoothly, Mr. Val- lario says. He says the two owners were able to accomplish the major- ity of the integration on th e i r ow n i n a b o u t a week, with a little help from Richlin Machinery. Ms. Kradjel says that t h e s o l u t i o n i s c o s t- effective because it is flexible enough to be r e d e p l o y e d a s t h e 866.466.8570 WHEN IT COMES TO MACHINES, WE DON'T SELL SPECS; WE CREATE SOLUTIONS. RELIABLE | AVAILABLE | MAINTAINABLE You can count on our machines to run, no matter what. Everything you need is right here in North America, including an on-site service and support team. MURATEC SOLUTIONS GEARED FOR YOU Come see us at Booth A4240 Chicago | Nov 6 TH - 9 TH

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