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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 112 MMS September 2017 P 803.438.4000 F 803.438.5263 P O B O X 7 0 0 7 C A M D E N , S C 2 9 0 2 1 - 7 0 0 7 COGSDILL TOOL PRODUCTS, INC. ©2017 view more online BURNISHING 1 Roll-a-Finish Tools available from stock and easily adjustable for burnishing I.D.s and O.D.s. 2 Universal Burnishing Tools – for burnishing shafts, faces, tapers, contours, and relatively large IDs. 3 Diamond Burnishing Tools – for generating mirror finishes on O.D.s, large I.D.s, or faces of virtually any diameter. SOLUTIONS FOR A LARGE RANGE OF BURNISHING APPLICATIONS 1 T H E S O U R C E FOR BURNISHING 2 A WIDE ARRAY OF STANDARD SIZES CUSTOM TOOL DESIGNS AVAILABLE VISIT US AT THE WESTEC SHOW IN LOS ANGELES BOOTH #2409 MAKING PRECISION TOOLS IN THE USA FOR 100 YEARS 1 9 1 4 | 2 0 1 4 3 business grows. Compared to industrial robots, which require caging and an integrator in order to make programming changes, the cobot is easy for users to program. Lowercase can program the robot and keep the program current on a daily basis, she says. "As their business grows, they might want to add movements or add numbers of stops in the process that the robot does," she says. "We also chose the Robotiq gripper as an ideal solution for this application." Mr. Vallario and Mr. Masci see great things coming for Lowercase. They say that automation is important to the company's future, and they plan Mr. Vallario says that automation is important to the company because the process of making eyewear is labor- intensive. Automating some of the process with the Robotiq gripper and robotic arm frees up the company's small staff for other work while maintaining the quality of the product.

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