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132 MMS September 2017 SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE C GTe c h a n d M a c h i n i n g C l o u d h a v e j o i n t l y announced a MachiningCloud enhancement that enables Vericut users to import tool manufactur- ers' cutting parameters from MachiningCloud directly into Vericut. Vericut CNC machine simu- lation, verification and optimization sof t ware detects CNC programming errors as well as potential collisions from the same NC code that drives the CNC machine. MachiningCloud is a product data provider for cutting tool manufactur- ers, CNC machines and workholding. VERIFICATION SOFTWARE LEVERAGES CLOUD FOR TOOL DATA E D ITO R J E D D CO LE , jc o l e @ m m s o n l i n e.c o m verification checks its software offers to further improve their programs. These cutting parameters can also be used in Vericut's Force and OptiPath modules to better optimize the CNC program. CGTech, call 949-753-1050 or visit MachiningCloud, call 805-437-4171 or visit METROLOGY SOFTWARE CONNECTS INSTRUMENTS WIRELESSLY Mahr Federal offers version 5.2 of its MarCom Professional metrology software for free on its website. MarCom 5.2 is a metrology sof tware interface for connecting measuring instruments wirelessly or by cable. It enables direct transfer of measured values into Microsoft Excel, SPC software or text file, and can manage signals from as many as 32 wireless measuring instruments and 128 instruments connected via USB cables. According to the company, wireless transmis- sion of measurements speeds up the qualit y assurance process, provides more efficient data Users first build a MachiningCloud job contain- ing their tool assemblies. They export the job, downloading it to their local computer. From within Vericut, they click to import all the cutting tool assembly data, including 3D geometry and cut- ting parameters. Finally, users simulate using the tool assemblies just created in MachiningCloud. This process enables users to verify that the tools were programmed correctly. Vericut says that importing the tool's cutting parameters and 3D tool geometr y into Vericut will enable users to take advantage of other

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