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138 MMS September 2017 SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE this, the rele ase include s some 20 new and enhanced functionalities covering turning, milling, simulation and wire EDM. For Feature Finding, information transmitted by CadLink has been enhanced where "Limits and Fit" data is now passed to the Edgecam feature. This support covers CREO, SolidWorks and Inventor files. As well as showing the char- acteristic of the feature, this information also e n a b l e s s t r a t e g y m a n a g e r a u t h o r s t o c a pt u r e a n d u s e t h e d a t a w h e n c r e a t i n g machining routines. The 2017 R2 release continues Edgecam's evolution of updating c y c l e d i a l o g s w i t h pictures and contex t- sensitive help. Slot mill- ing, project flow curves and project circular pat- tern cycles all have been updated. This feature enables regular users to easily interpret infre- q u e n t l y u s e d c o m - mands, but it also helps l e s s f a m i l i a r u s e r s quickly understand fun- damental functionality, the company says. T h e I n s p e c t i o n Module eases sophis- ticated probe path gen- eration for both in-pro- cess and end-item part inspection. Responding to the growing need for of fline inspection and p r o b i n g , E d g e c a m caters to CAM program- m e r s a n d u s e s C A D m o d e ls. E a sy-to -u s e commands enable the user to create a set of i n s p e c t i o n f e a t u r e s that are then converted i n to a to o l p a t h a n d CAM SOFTWARE UPDATE ENHANCES TURNING, MILLING, WIRE EDM Vero Software's Edgecam 2017 R2 introduces a new turning cycle that includes B-axis movements while machining on a turning center. According to the company, this feature provides greater accessibility when machining complex profiles, by dynamically positioning the insert. Besides Verisurf automates quality inspection and reporting on the shop fl oor, in the quality lab or out in the fi eld. Verisurf Quality Inspection Software combined with expert training and support delivers what you need to increase quality and productivity while lowering costs, now. Simple Align-Inspect-Report workfl ow makes Verisurf easy to learn, easy to use. Built on an open CAD platform with integrated GD&T, Verisurf supports all brands and models of Coordinate Measuring Machines and Scanners ensuring enterprise compatibility, fl exibility and reduced training costs. Get the power of Verisurf Quality Inspection Suite today, with fl exible purchase options to match your company's needs. Visit Quality Inspection Suite Increase Productivity - Reduce Rework - Lower Production Costs • 866-340-5551 CAD MEASURE REVERSE BUILD ANALYSIS CMM CMM CMM CMM CMM CMM CMM CMM CMM CMM CMM CMM AUTOMATE VALIDATE PROJECTION See the difference at Quality Inspection Suite

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