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154 MMS September 2017 WESTEC 2017 September 12 - 14 specific CNC machine. For horizontal applica- tions, larger blocks and knees are available, o r b a s e p l a t e s c a n b e m o u n t e d t o n e w o r existing tombstones. To achieve even more ef f iciency from the system, quick-release mounts can be added for rapid change-over between jobs. The machine operator can work on setting up the next job on an optional secondary baseplate while the current job is running. Bluco Corp., call 800-535-0135 or visit SIX-EDGE TURNING INSERTS DESIGNED FOR SMALL- DIAMETER APPLICATIONS CARMEX PRECISION TOOLS LLC, BOOTH 607 Carmex presents new products in its Swiss- Line, Tiny Tools and Mini Tools series, including the G6 six-edge turning insert. The multifunction inserts are designed to fit in one holder and are said to deliver productiv- ity and cost efficiency in applications including t h r e a d i n g, g r o ov i n g, parting, and back and front turning. Designed to fit a range of diame- t e r s e x t e n d i n g f r o m small, thin-wall applica- tions to 2.5", the system i s s a i d t o d e l i v e r a smooth sur face finish even in hard materials. Carmex Precision Tools LLC, call 262-628-5030 or visit WORK SMARTER, STREAMLINE, AND SAVE. Today's manufacturing brings many challenges. Fortunately, we have more solutions than ever. Contact us today and we can provide the right tool for your unique holemaking and finishing needs. BOOTH# 16 330.343.4283 / be rebuilt a week, month or year later with the same accuracy, the company says. A t ypical modular fixture can be designed, built and ready to run the first piece in less than an hour, compared to dedicated fixtures than can take days or weeks to be completed, the company says. The system can be used in both vertical and horizontal machining centers, and the baseplates are customized to fit the dimensions of each

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