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SEP 2017

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Page 161 of 220 September 2017 MMS 159 WESTEC 2017 September 12 - 14 projects. The company says that user guidance technology and easy-to-use sof tware make it ideal for users of any level of experience. Creaform, call 855-939-4446 or visit MODULAR VERTICAL LATHES DESIGNED FOR MEDIUM-, LARGE-BATCH RUNS EMAG LLC, BOOTH 2025 E m a g w i l l fe a tu re i ts modular VL 2 ver tical pick-up turning machine for machining compo- nents ranging to 100 mm i n d i a m e t e r. T h e V L s e r i e s o f i n v e r t e d v e r t i c a l l a t h e s i s designed to be a modu- lar solution for medium- and large-batch runs. The machines feature a compact design and an integrated O-automation system for transporting work pieces, which is s a i d to e n a b l e s h o r t cycle times and higher productivity when com- bined with self-loading pickup spindles. All ser- vice units are designed to be easily within reach so that operators can maintain the machines with ease. Emag LLC, call 248-477-7440 or visit WATERJETS CUT THICK MATERIAL WITHOUT HEAT OMA X CORP., BOOTH 1115 Omax will showcase its 8 0 X J e t M a c h i n i n g ZEISS X-ray family Industrial computed tomography gives you entirely new insights by making it possible to capture the whole volume with all internal structures. With the ZEISS X-ray family, you can successfully perform complex analysis, measuring and inspection jobs with only one scan. Find out more at Performing complex measuring jobs at a glance. ZEISS Computed Tomography Center with a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head. It is designed to accommodate large or multiple-part jobs and is said to cut virtually any material with no heat- affected zone. The company says that the Tilt- A-Jet cutting head can create tight tolerance, taper-free parts, even from thick material. The company will demonstrate how its water- jets can produce parts with smooth edges that do not require secondar y finishing operations

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