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172 MMS September 2017 WESTEC 2017 September 12 - 14 Switch today and optimize your coolant performance! Improved boundary lubrication for greater tool performance. Superior bio-stability and hard water tolerance for a longer system life. All metal safe with excellent corrosion prevention. Low carry-off rate reduces coolant consumption. High detergency keeps machines clean. 21st Century Chemistry in Metal Working Fluids DISCOVER THE SOURCE OF SUCCESS NuSol ® Alumax Preformed Emulsion Technology To learn more about NuSol Alumax or begin a trial, scan the QR code or visit adjustable link clamp. The clamp is designed w i t h a r ot a r y l u g to provide 360 degrees of l e ve r p o s i ti o n i n g around an indepen- dent mounting flange, freeing fixture builders from being restricted to two or three position p o i nts th at m ay n ot m e et a p p li c ati o n o r o p e r a t i o n r e q u i r e - ments. It is said to make fixture design and hinge clamp implementation easier and more efficient. According to the company, the body and pivot design provide minimal side-to-side axial move- ment and rigidity. It maintains symmetric loading on levers, pivots and pins, which ensure reli- ability and extended service life. The rotary lug is said to simplif y drill passage planning and design while increasing fixture-builder flexibility and control on complex fixtures. Because plumb- ing and pipe routing are independent of the lever-positioning feature, only a rotational nudge is required for optimal positioning. The rotar y lug and lever can be rotated for clamping outside the clamp centerline. It is available in 5,000-psi, 350-bar and 7-MPa product lines. Vektek LLC, call 800-992-0236 or visit SHOP MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE DESIGNED FOR JOB SHOPS SHOPTECH SOFTWARE CORP., BOOTH 2708 Shoptech is releasing its web-based E2 Shop System in the form of a sof tware as a ser vice (SaaS) product. The system is designed specifi- cally for job shops and contract manufacturers that deal with constantly changing due dates, quantities and/or daily job schedule changes. The E2 Shop System is said to be suitable for use in all types of shops, facilitating estimating, orders, purchasing, scheduling, data collection, quality

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