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174 MMS September 2017 WESTEC 2017 September 12 - 14 easy-to-learn ProtoTrak CNCs that reduce setup times and provide for increased workforce flexibil- ity, the company says. Southwestern Industries Inc., call 800-421-6875 or visit ROBOT ARM, SOFTWARE FUNCTIONS IN SEMI- STRUCTURED ENVIRONMENT UNIVERSAL ROBOTS USA INC., BOOTH 2447 Universal Robots will demonstrate its UR5 robot arm with Actin simulation software, part of the company's Universal Robots+ platform featuring plug-and-play products for its robot arms. The premise of the technology is that the robot arm not only stops upon collision but avoids collisions altogether. The company says that this capability suits applications involving tasks in a semi-struc- tured environment in which the requirement for precise positioning of fixtures and parts is relaxed. Universal Robots USA Inc., call 631-610-9664 or visit ADDITIVE AEROSPACE PARTS CERTIFICATION PACK AGE OFFERED STRATASYS INC., BOOTH 1947 Stratasys offers the Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution (AICS), an aerospace package designed to remove the complexity from FA A and EASA certification and help aerospace organizations get more parts certified for flight. Stratasys worked together with the aerospace and cer tification c o m m u n i t i e s to d e v e l o p t h e A I C S to g i v e Drill ‐ Mill ‐ Tap ‐ Thread Mill ‐ ALL at 90º ADD A 90º ANGLE HEAD EXCLUSIVELY REPRESENTED IN NORTH AMERICA BY: P ERFORMANCE T OOLING S OLUTIONS I NT'L 1‐847‐870‐8837 WWW.PTSINTL.COM Give your Machining Center even more Performance! Toolchanges on most machines 7,000rpm output (1:1 ra�o) Single or double output (ER16 Collet chuck) RAD120 Compact 90º head

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