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202 MMS September 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: Laser & Waterjet A f iber-to-f iber coupler (FFC) from Coherent enables the use of replaceable process fiber optic cables, protecting integral components of the fiber laser, including the feeding fiber, from opto- mechanical damage in harsh industrial processes, which can cause downtime. It enables the use of a separate fiber interface, which can be exchanged in minutes when damaged. The FFC is an eye- safe, stand-alone, water-cooled photonic com- ponent that handles 12 kW of laser power and can couple fibers of different core diameters, as well as commonly used connector interfaces (QB, QD and Q5). It incorporates DGUV-certified safety electronics, and is an extension of the feeding fiber interlock circuit. It also includes integrated sensors, monitored and controlled by CANopen communication, with threshold values which can enable or disable the interlock circuitry. Coherent Inc., call 408-764-4000 or visit FIBER-TO-FIBER COUPLER PROTECTS FIBER LASER COMPONENTS not create a heat-affected zone, enabling toler- ances not possible with thermal machining pro- cesses and eliminating some postprocessing applications. It features five axes of motion for beam flexibility, a granite foundation for stability, integrated part characterization and verification to ensure repeatability, and glass scale encoders to ensure positional accuracy. T he ML-5 can also be conf igured with an integrated mechanical mill to enable machining of larger features, which can be finished with the laser. Applications include automotive, medical and consumer manufacturing. GF Machining Solutions LLC, call 800-282-1336 or visit LASER CUTTING SYSTEM PROVIDES EASE OF USE, SPEED Mazak Optonics has expanded its laser line with the Optiplex Fiber III 8kW laser-cutting system. It utilizes a PreviewG control, which contains a 19" LCD touchscreen for ease of operation and is LASER MICROMACHINING PLATFORM MACHINES MINUTE FEATURES GF Machining Solutions introduces its Microlution ML-5 femtosecond, industrial-grade laser micro- machining platform. The company says the plat- form is capable of machining minute features with micron-level accuracy and repeatability in a 24/7 manufacturing environment. According to the company, the machine does

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