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w w w . k a l a m a z o o i n d u s t r i e s . c o m $225. 00 $215. $325. 00 204 MMS September 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: Laser & Waterjet said to enable fast operation speed and high- re sponse, high-spe e d machine motion. T he machine's drive system is also said to provide high speed and accuracy. The laser-cutter integrates intelligent setup and monitoring functions to simplify operations and reduce operator dependency. It is also engi- neered for use with automated material handling systems. A two-pallet changer design with a helical rack and pinion positioning system is said to enable high throughput. The machine has sen- sors in the Multi-Function Torch that monitor piercing and cutting to improve throughput and quality. Operations are adjusted or paused if anomalies are detected. Mazak Optonics Corp., call 847-252-4500 or visit NOZZLES BOOST FEED RATE FOR SOLID-STATE LASERS USING NITROGEN Trumpf introduces its Highspeed and Highspeed Eco nozzles, which are designed to boost feed rates for solid-state laser machines that employ fusion cutting with nitrogen. The nozzles are said to increase the speed of the piercing process without increasing laser power, and enable an increase in sheet throughput over standard cut- ting. The Highspeed noz zle is said to use 40 percent less nitrogen gas and the Highspeed Eco is said to use 70 percent less nitrogen gas to blow molten material out of the kerf without needing to rework oxidized cut edges, enabling cost savings. The nozzles are bi-flow, with some of the cut- ting gas passing through the center of the nozzle with the laser beam, and the rest of the gas form- ing a secondary flow around the principle flow to concentrate it onto the ker f, expelling molten material. The nozzles are fitted with a sleeve that 51536 Industrial Drive | New Baltimore, MI |USA 586-716-5151| 6856 E "K" AVE • KALAMAZOO, MI 49048 PHONE: 269-382-2050 • FAX: 269-382-0790 00 $249. 00 w w w. k a l a m a z o o i n d . c o m / m m

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