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Page 209 of 220 September 2017 MMS 207 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: Laser & Waterjet connection of fiber-coupled lasers. The industrial- strength fiber coupler helps transform scan heads into a system that can be integrated in laser processing machines. When combined with disc o r f i b e r l a s e r s ( p a r t i c u l a r l y l a s e r s u p t o 5 kW), it is said to enable cost-efficient welding and cutting. The collimation module transforms larger- aper ture scan systems (typically 30 mm) into flexible, combinable 2D-scan solutions for weld- ing and cutting. The module features a robust fiber-coupler housing; a water-cooled, stainless- steel entrance aperture; and a replaceable window protecting the collimation optic. The focal position can be manually adjusted to the working distance for precision. A camera adapter is available for process control and workpiece position detection. Scanlab AG or visit ImagIne the PossIbIlItIes! MiteeBite .com 800-543-3580 ➤ Prior to Mitee Bite, operators had to run machines on evenings and weekends to keep up with demand, whereas operators now only need to work 8-hour shifts Monday through Friday. DJ Paulson, Straitline Components ➤ We will be able to make the parts cheaper than China and save almost $1,000,000 per year thanks to Mitee-Bite. Tom Mueller, Inova Geo ➤ I do a lot of turnkeys for Gosiger on the Okuma's and have found Mitee Bite Fixturing Clamps make my job sooo much easier! Jacob Schaefer, Gosiger YOUR WORkhOlding SpecialiStS With authorized distributors in place world-wide, good advice, technical information, and personal service are just a click away. Visit our website to request the name of a distributor near you. ISO 9001:2008 certified Your Next Stop for the Latest Abrasive Blasting Solutions Integrated robotic technology Programmable manipulation for multiple nozzles Pick & place and vision system capability Ideal for parts with complex geometries

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