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210 MMS September 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Automated Titanium Color Anodize Equipment and Chemistry 716.763.4343 ® COMPLETE SERVO MOTOR REBUILD 24 hour turnaround in most cases • Outstanding Customer Service • Guaranteed to run on your machine • Rebuild, buy, sell we do it all! • Call if you have other brush style servo motors Headrick Wings of Eagles, Inc. 256.318.3694 BENCHMARKING YOUR MACHINING BUSINESS ensure longevity and continued accuracy. It is available in three different sensitivity options: 25, 50 and 100 mV/g. The USB digital accelerometer supports Win- dows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems with a variety of apps and sof tware solutions, including GTI's VibeRMS app for iPhone and iPad. GTI's sensor features a resonant frequency up to 25 kHz and uses a Piezoelectric sensor for opti- mal data capture accuracy and range. GTI Technologies Inc., call 203-929-2200 or visit COMPOSITE METAL PARTS WASHING BOXES AVAILABLE Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co. offers a line of ver- satile, high-strength fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite metal parts washing boxes whose composite material construction is said to enable a cost approximately one-third that of traditional stainless steel counterparts. Designed to handle payloads as heav y as 150 lbs, the stackable wash box's FRP composi- tion is also designed to withstand small-par t washing system chemicals and provide continu- ous operation at temperatures ranging to 350°F. The boxes also serve as a labor-saving solution for secondar y process cleaning and work-in- process primar y housing. By minimizing the "dumps" from high-speed conveyor to container, these boxes result in less labor and reduced part damage/scrap. Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co., call 800-458-6050 or visit

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