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34 MMS September 2017 DECIDING FACTORS A Focus on Data-Driven Manufacturing cut ting tool wear and more. While additional sensors are still required to monitor vibration and tension, the sof tware detects most other conditions in process as the first parts are cut. By its nature, this software is geared more for the high-volume producer or production depart- ment, but also intended for the mid-sized job shop or contract manufacturer handling jobs with a few hundred pieces. Because the system is based on software, it can be provided as an economical option for a single machine as well as for a multi- machine work cell or a production line with dozens of identical machines. In this latter application, each machine learns on its own and makes adjust- ments in process, with all data available to the upstream control operation. Real-time conditions are continuously moni- tored by measuring vibration acceleration, veloc- ity and displacement. Under high-risk vibration conditions, the system stops the machine to prevent damage to the spindle and other machine parts. Automatic readings and comparisons to the machine's baseline vibration signature are routinely made. Significant deviations from the machine's baseline vibration signature trigger maintenance alerts. When installed on a CNC unit connected to a shop network, the software can enable statis- tics to be extracted from the machine and shared worldwide for a multi-national manufacturer or a machine tool builder looking to do comparative analysis on its installed base. In addition, the emergence of the cloud as a viable business platform today enables the CNC builder to inter- act with the machine builder and end user com- munities in ways not imagined just a decade ago. This spindle monitoring software, for example, can be monitored by the CNC provider to track real-time spindle conditions in tandem with the m a c h i n e b u i l d e r f o r d e s i g n i m p r o v e m e n t possibilities, as well as by the end user for OEE data gathering.

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