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42 MMS September 2017 THE VIEW FROM MY SHOP Guest Columnist same question, as they have come to realize they already know what to do. Other times, they shout across the shop, "I'm going to. . ." and just look for a thumbs-up or for me to approach them for more detail. Of course, not everything gets solved so easily. Perplexing questions still come as questions, not three solutions, but those don't bother me, and it shouldn't bruise someone's ego to ask for help. Beyond just stopping the barrage of questions, this approach seems to help foster better solu- tions in the shop overall, especially among younger staff. Being encouraged to come up with viable options and to select one based on its merits helps them form good habits. Sometimes, these workers even approach me just to repor t that they employed the three-solutions method and describe the outcome. I like that I can see the pride in their eyes as they tell me about it. Seldom do I have to let the wind out of their sails by sug- gesting another alternative, but when I do, I always try to do so with tact. Talking through my confirmation of which is t h e b e s t o pt i o n g i ve s e m p l oye e s a f e e l f o r what I think is a priority, and this is an important differentiator from just getting a quick answer to a question. A lot can be lost in such a quick response, particularly from introverts like me who tend to think things through before speaking. Training people to come up with three solutions on their own before asking a question doesn't happen instantly. I still sometimes have to remind myself not to answer their questions directly and remind them to come back with their own solu- tions. But with practice, it all comes together, time is saved, good habits are formed and safety is uncompromised. Qsine was founded in 1968 by Kevin's late father, Mick Saruwatari. The custom machine design and manufacturing firm specializes in industrial product development, prototypes and short-run work. More at Tooling Technology Measuring and Presetting Technology Shrinking Technology 40 Years Quality HAIMER The only true solution for roughing and trochoidal milling operations in the industry. Sept 12 - 14, 2017 Come visit us in Los Angeles! Booth #2303 Balancing Technology

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