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44 MMS September 2017 SHOP TALK BY M A R K A LB E RT Denso's first robot was a three-axis pick-and- place device developed in 1967, says Robotic Sales Department Manager Peter Cavallo. Since then, he says the company's Denso Robotics group has begotten nine generations of robots. Some of the newest examples of Denso robotics technology, including a waterproof, submersible model (pictured below), were on display at the company's Robotics Sales, Application and Train- ing Center in West Chester, Ohio, a nor thern suburb of Cincinnati. A recent open house at this facility also cele- brated the company's half-century milestone as a developer of robotic technology. In marking this achievement, Mr. Cavallo explained that Denso Corp., headquartered in Kariya, Japan, is one of the world's largest automotive parts manufactur- ers, becoming a long-time pioneer and technology leader in the design and manufacture of small ROBOTICS DEVELOPER REACHES MULTIPLE MILESTONES industrial robots, especially for assembly. These robots and related technology are globally avail- able through the company's Denso Robotics unit. However, Mr. Cavallo noted that Denso is the world's largest user of its own robot products, w i th m o re th a n 18,0 0 0 u n i ts i n s t a l l e d i n i ts manufacturing facilities around the world. "That's exactly why these robots are built the way they are. To succeed in the highly competitive automotive sector, Denso requires its robots to deliver not only extremely high levels of produc- tivity, but also the lowest cost of ownership," Mr. Cavallo explains. "The company looks for low maintenance, ease of integration, ease of setup and programming, low energy consumption, high reliability and long working lifeā€”the same values buyers in other companies are looking for," he says. Although high-speed, precise assembly is the main focus of robotic applications for Denso robots, they are used in a variety of applications. One of the displays at the West Chester facility made this point in an unusual fashion. The new Denso IP67 submersible robot doesn't mind a shower of metalworking coolant, so it can tend CNC machines inside their enclosures. An imag- inative demo of this waterproof capability showed the robot operating under a showerhead on a simulated beach scene complete with beach toys and palm tree. The demo also showed how the robot could manipulate a simulated par ts washer nozzle from inside the machine. This demo features Denso's IP67 submersible robot, whose waterproofing makes it potentially useful in machine tool tending applications. (The robot doesn't need to wear goggles, but this accessory adds to the demo's visual appeal.)

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