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60 MMS September 2017 QUALITY GAGING TIPS Columnist to assemble the gage block stack to the nominal size. Also, since only a single stack is used, there is no verification that wringing errors have not been made in assembling the stack. Though small, these could affect the performance of the gage, although compared to the tolerances generally used with bore gages, they are usually well within the overall performance requirements. Of course, care must be taken in setting any gage to its nominal size. Setup of the masters or gage blocks is key. This means they must be clean and free of dirt. They also need to be temperature- stable, as does the gage. As for setting the actual bore gage itself, once the reference contact is set to the desired size, the locking screw should be made snug, and the gage should be tested again for zero and repeat- ability. If nothing has changed, keep snugging down the locking screw until it is locked into posi- tion. Then check repeatability again until you are confident that the gage is performing repeatably. Using either the master ring or the gage block method and following good metrology practices will provide overall accuracies of 0.0001 inch to the nominal size, which are typical performance requirements for an adjustable bore gage. Using a bore-setting gage with a gage-block-stack assembly in a clamp with jaws at both ends will also provide a highly accurate reference master. When multiple sizes are required and flexibility is key, this can be the preferred method. Renishaw Inc West Dundee, IL A full range of probes available in optical or radio transmission confi gurations • Lower contact forces for less stylus bend and pre-travel • Excellent 3D performance • CMM-level accuracy • Excels in the harshest machine conditions Renishaw brings proven strain gauge technology and ultra compact electronics to a wide variety of small, medium and large machining centers. RENGAGE ™ addresses the performance limitations of conventional probes with true 3D measurement and unequalled accuracy in any plane. Reap the benefi ts of automated job set-up, reduced scrap and lower fi xture costs. RENGAGE ™ strain gauge technology—for the most accurate probes in the world. I N N O V A T I O N O V E R 4 0 Y E A R S O F

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