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64 MMS September 2017 CNC TECH TALK Columnist first products. He or she may not fully understand or have an enthusiastic interest in the actual manufacturing of the products. This kind of owner may commonly side with design engineering, even though this may result in increased manu- facturing costs. Eliminating the rift can be difficult. Sides have been chosen, and an us-versus-them attitude probably permeates the company. Since this rift can result in an excessive total manufacturing cost, especially if the company operates in a highly competitive field, eliminating the rift could mean the difference between survival/profitabil- ity and bankruptcy. The key to a better working arrangement is mutual understanding. People on both sides must accept that those on the other are doing their best, and they must try to understand the related problems/issues. In my experience, the rift boils down to two basic issues: 1. Manufacturing workers do not appreciate that de sign engine ers are of ten under great pressure to produce new designs quickly in order to attract new business. This makes it difficult for them to respond to issues that arise on the shop floor, since it distracts the designers from what they consider the more important task of creating new designs. 2. Design workers do not appreciate the impact that their designs have on manufacturing costs. Primary concerns include the precision of spec- ifications (tolerances that may be smaller than necessary), inconsistent methods of dimension- ing/tolerancing and inadequate notification when revisions are made. It will take one person who oversees both departments to draw the two groups together. Since design and manufacturing are the two most basic departments in any company, this will have to be a very high-ranking person. And when the two sides cannot work things out on their own, this person must be able to make objective deci- sions that workers in both areas will respect and to which they will adhere. DEBURR ANY CROSSHOLE

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