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68 MMS September 2017 ADDITIVE INSIGHTS Understanding Industrial 3D Printing post-process machining and finishing. This is because, in addition to being dangerous if inhaled, some metallic powder feedstocks like titanium and aluminum are pyrophoric, which means they can explode. So machining profes- sionals need to be careful when finishing parts built from these materials; trapped powder may be released into the machine environment, and a spark or other combination of conditions could lead to an explosion. Extra caution should be used in handling and postprocessing these parts, first making sure that they have been properly cleaned. If any loose powder falls when the part is handled, it is not ready for machining. During machining, using ample lubricant will help carry away loose powder and minimize the risk of inhalation or sparking. Shops may want to also install high-end filters on their machining centers to help capture these particle, as they are a lot smaller than the metal chips and pieces that are usually filtered out of the used lubricant stream. The science to fully understand and diagnose Learn more about 3D printing for production from Additive M a nu f a ctu r i ng m ag a z i n e. Visit the safety hazards associated with AM is still emerging, and fire marshals and local inspection/ regulatory agencies are not yet prepared to deal with them either. It behooves us to talk to related industries that routinely use powder metal feedstock in their manufacturing processes to see how they handle and safely work with these materials. In the meantime, AM users need to know what material is being handled, take extra care to make sure that loose powder has been cleaned from parts before machining and make sure to use plenty of lubricant during machining. The last thing we need is for an AM part to explode on a mill or lathe as it is being finished; that would not be good for the operator, the company or the AM industry. So, be careful! OPM250L Metal 3D Printer The Sodick OPM Metal 3D Printer was built to do what no previous 3D printer could. Sintering at a 99.99% density, OPM-made parts are among the strongest on the market. And with a 40,000 rpm spindle, the OPM finishes parts up to 9 RMS surface finish and beyond. Create your Future ; We've created ours. | (847) 310 9000 Parallel Production Unparalleld Accuracy Introducing Sodick's proprietary Parallel Mode Technology. Amplify your productivity with Parallel Mode, sintering multiple locations simultaneously. Whether you are running multiple copies of the same part, or simply printing a single part, Parallel Mode allows just one laser unit to print simultaneously at multiple locations to slash process time on any job. No costly upgrades, no additional hardware, Parallel Mode comes standard on every Sodick OPM. Capable of printing two, three, four or even more locations at once, Parallel Mode has revolutionized additive manufacturing. Visit Us at Westec Booth #715

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