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OCT 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 108 MMS October 2017 of these bushings, time and cost savings really add up," Mr. Hawley says. The shop has used the boring bar on other parts with similar effect, he says, including on an Inconel fuel nozzle. The previous cutting tool could machine 20 to 30 pieces, while the new boring bar yields more than 150 pieces. Mr. Hawley plans to look for more simple improvements like this that his shop can make. "As we continue to upgrade equipment, we'll be checking in with Horn to help us match the right cutting tools to the jobs. I like that I simply let them know the kind of material we're working with, and they recommend cutting tool types, g r a d e s , a n d e v e n s p e e d s a n d f e e d r a te s ," he says. The Supermini 105 tool system with an HS36-grade boring-bar insert from Horn enabled the shop to reduce the bushing's cycle time to 1 minute, 23 seconds, turn 75 parts per tool instead of 10 to 15, and improved the surface finish from 38- to 20-microinch Ra. The shop wanted to improve the cycle time of the bushing, which was more than eight minutes, as well as increase the number of parts made per cutting tool and improve the surface finish. Tel. 1-860-254-5120 www. Email: Two 112 HP Spindle Motors Integrated U-axis Contouring Head Seperate Extendable Quill Spindle 1100 x 1200mm Pallets 900mm (36") Turning Diameter Machi t up Less Turn and Bore Unbalanced Parts in one set up More t ect M

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