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OCT 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 112 MMS October 2017 fre e-form ne sting from Jetcam International (Monaco). It also purchase d Jetc am O rde rs Controller (JOC) Lite for easy, remote part order- ing. Installation and training were arranged shortly afterward, taking just two days for both of the company's punch presses. According to Mr. Yeomason, his staff learned quickly thanks to the training that Jetcam provided. "It was very easy to pick up how to use the system," he says. The next step for HC Coils was to import its c o m p o n e nts i nto th e Jetcam software. Using Jetcam's Single Com- ponent Automatic Pro- c e s s i n g ( S C A P ), t h e company placed original DX F f i l e s f o r s e v e r a l thousand components into a folder, which SCAP then processed, creat- ing component files and plac ing to o ling au to - matically so that all parts were ready for nesting on both machines. Mr. Ye o m a s o n s a y s t h a t SCAP does a better job at tooling parts than an operator. "We even acci- dentally discovered a better way of punching our fan plates," he notes. Jetcam's Tool Teach m o d e wa s a n a d d e d b e n ef i t, e n a b l i n g th e software to learn com- plex tool placements. HC Coils uses it on form tools and credits it with simplifying the process. Ever y job has at least t w o o f t h e f o r m -to o l p l a t e s , w h i c h a r e a u to m a t i c a l l y to o l e d w i t h To o l Te a c h, M r. Yeomason says. O n c e p a r t s h a v e b e e n c r e a t e d , t h e Mikron Multistar The fastest machining system for small precision parts Mikron Corp. Monroe Monroe, CT 06468 / USA Tel. +1 203 261 31 00 Multistar CX-24 Multistar NX-24 Multistar LX-24 demo that impressed Mr. Yeomason, however, the company ultimately decided to delay purchas- ing the new equipment, and the software was not compatible with other machines. While this solution reached a dead end, the experience exposed HC Coils to nesting software possibilities. The company decided to research alternative nesting systems, ultimately deciding on E xper t Premium CAD/CAM sof t ware with

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