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OCT 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 120 MMS October 2017 SMART-III technology is now available in a multi-functional two- or three-axes CNC surface grinder. The SMART's PC-based control, combined with a user-friendly conversational TaskLink function, makes it easy to learn and operate. CNC experience is not necessary. The SMART control features a highly efficient, constant-contact auto dressing function and variable spindle speeds with constant surface speed control that reduces initial dress time from hours to minutes. All data transfer is simplified by using a USB data port or an Ethernet connection. The simulation mode is great for job shops, to prove-out a program prior to putting it in production, reducing or eliminating scrapped parts and simplifying part set-up. The table size is up to 24"W x 80"L with table loads up to 1,473 lbs. Call your local dealer to see our comprehensive product line for all your machining needs. Call Chevalier at 800-243-8253 or visit us on the web at Grinding Edge be made in America because the work is more involved and customers like to come in to check how work is progressing during the dif ferent stages of production. As technology advanced over the years, Stol- len Machine transformed with it. To keep his shop thriving, Mr. Stollen is committed to updating old, outdated and unreliable technology such as the flawed cable system for transferring data. Often, when he transferred CNC programs made on his office computer to the machines on the shop floor, only parts of the code would make it to the machine. Other times, none of the code would make it to the machines. "Sometimes the cables would just stop working completely," he says. Problems with the cables worsened during the summer, when the weather was hot and humid. A c c o r d i n g to M r. S to l l e n, h e w a s l o s i n g

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