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OCT 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 122 MMS October 2017 The JUNKER Group is the ultimate partner worldwide for all needs related to grinding and air filtration technology. Maximum precision and absolute passion for what we do makes us a pioneering technology leader. It is our mission to set new standards and justify the trust placed in us by discerning customers from a vast array of industrial sectors. PARTNER FOR PRECISION INNOVATIVE PRODUCTION GRINDING SOLUTIONS +1 847 488 0406 2541 Technology Drive, #410 Elgin, IL 60124 USA ERWIN JUNKER MACHINERY, INC. signals between data-terminal equipment, such as a computer terminal, and data-circuit-termi- nating equipment, such as a modem. The RS232 standard is commonly used in computer serial ports, and it is one of the communication interfaces installed on CNC machines that allow them to upload and download data. With the new wireless system, programs are fully transferred from the computer to the machine every time, and Mr. Stollen does not have to check the code multiple times to ensure it has completely transferred. "I would say it saves me around 15 percent of my time every day," he estimates. The wireless units came with some additional benefits as well. For instance, Mr. Stollen did not have to pay to replace the shop's cable infrastruc- ture, and he did not have to increase his insurance to replace the cables. He also notes that he did not have to downsize his manpower to afford new machines or equipment. The wireless data transmitters give him more peace of mind. "It saves me all that extra work of having to worr y about whether the codes are coming through correctly or not," he says. Shop Floor Automations, call 619-461-4000 or visit The wireless cables fully transfer every code, saving time and stress.

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