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OCT 2017

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132 MMS October 2017 TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING C E N T E R I N G D O V E TA I L V I S E S B Y A M R O K ® W O R K H O L D I N G ▶ C e n t e r i n g a c c u r a c y + - . 0 0 0 5 ▶ J a w h e i g h t s . 1 2 5 " / . 2 5 0 " / . 3 7 5 " ▶ D o v e t a i l j a w a n g l e s 1 5 ° / 3 0 ° ▶ F i t s o n a s t a n d a r d 2 " g r i d s y s t e m s ▶ P a t e n t e d d o v e t a i l d e s i g n ▶ E a s e o f u s e a n d s c r a p r e d u c t i o n ▶ C o s t a n d t i m e s a v i n g s ▶ B a l a n c e l o a d d i s p e r s i o n i n f o @ a m e . c o m 8 0 0 - 2 2 5 - 4 2 6 3 w w w . a m e . c o m N E W D E S I G N . M O R E P O S S I B I L I T I E S . Edge Intelligence concept, featuring Chrome used-edge detection. This enables a user to identify when an edge has been used, making every edge count and reducing potential waste. The range for TP3501 includes nearly 400 inserts available in a variety of geometries and chipbreakers, including M6. Seco Tools LLC, call 248-528-5200 or visit MULTI-A XIS ROTARY TABLES CAN BE ASSEMBLED IN 240 CONFIGURATIONS The PL Lehmann 500 series of modular multi-axis rotary tables, available in North America through Exsys, can upgrade a VMC to increase productiv- ity without the expense of a new machine. The tables are available in four basic models and can be assembled into as many as 240 different con- f igurations, making them adaptable to many workpieces and production situations. More than 20 different clamping methods and behind-the- spindle accessories extend the system's adapt- ability, including rotary unions, special clamping cylinders and angular position measuring systems. The rotary tables encompass four standard, single, four th-a xis models. The E A 507 is the smallest size with a face diameter of 70 mm (3") and a spindle nose load capacity of approximately 240 lbs. The 510, 520 and 530 models progress in size and load capacity, and the high-speed EA 511 delivers double the rpm of the standard models. Each of these table models can be ganged to g e t h e r w i t h m u l t i p l e s p i n d l e s o r C a x e s next to one another. They also can be configured as multiple-axis systems that provide 180-degree

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