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OCT 2017

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140 MMS October 2017 SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE additive process control app enables information sharing among multiple users within a company. It stores information including original 3D CAD files, part-to-build files and job files as well as post-build information such as user comments, build results and machine log f iles. Thermal s imulatio n of th e build pro c e s s h e lps u se r s f o r e s e e p o t e n t i a l p a r t d i s t o r t i o n . T h e software also has optimized nesting for multi- part builds. Both apps can work directly with native 3D CAD files. General end- u s e r a v a i l a b i l i t y i s expected in mid-2018. DP Technology Corp. - Esprit, call 80 0 -627-8 479 ext. 123 or visit CAD/CAM DATA EXCHANGE TRANSLATOR SUPPORTS MAINSTREAM FILE FORMATS C r e a t i v e C N C h a s upgraded the product development features of its ZW3D 2017 CAD/ CAM software. Included are an improved data exchange translator and modeling interactions, new mold functions, and enhanced five-axis mill- ing controls. T h e n e w d a t a e x c h a n g e t r a n s l a to r suppor ts mainstream file formats generated by CAD solutions includ- ing Catia V5/6R2016, NX11, Creo 3.0, Solid- Works 2017, SolidEdge ST9 and Inventor 2017. It is designed to enable engineers to maximize generating a job file. It includes a part-to-build workflow, which is essentially a portable, reus- a b l e p r i nt d r i ve r e n a b li n g th e c re ati o n of a n intermediary part-to-build file for reuse in other job files without the need to redefine manufactur- ing information for traceability, time savings and consistency. Knowledge Management enables problem-solving and knowledge sharing with members of the manufacturing community. An Mighty Scope HD • 1080p resolution • HDMI video output • 3x~270x magnification • Up to 2x on-screen zoom • 6 ultra-bright, adjustable LEDs • Freeze frame mode • Includes adjustable stand and HDMI cable Small , But Mighty D i g i t a l M i c r o s c o p e Item # 26700-212 Mighty Scope Flex Stand Item # 26700-210 Mighty Scope Boom Stand Item #26700-135-TTB 360° Tilt Table Item # 26700-230 Mighty Scope HD Digital Microscope Learn More | 734-973-0099 | NEW T o o l s f o r A d v a n c i n g I n n o v a t i o n Monitor not included

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