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OCT 2017

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154 MMS October 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: Measurement & Inspection Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched PC-DMIS 2017 R2, the latest edition of the mea- surement sof tware and the second release in 2017. This version introduces Slideshow for Inspect, enabling users to create unlimited customizable layouts with inspection results populated during measurement. The optional Slideshow tab can display multiple slides of dimensional and infor- mational labels whenever users execute a mea- surement routine. PC-DMIS 2017 R2 is designed to make it easier to apply a color map to the mesh data object and create annotation points, align mesh data objects to the CAD model or align a mesh to another mesh object. The Vision Live View now displays which features have already been programmed without the need to swap to CAD view, and also offers an integrated focus graph. PC-DMIS 2017 R2 improves the efficiency of vision features by reducing rechecks caused by contamination. The outlier filter has been improved to better handle noise on small arc segments and at the end points of a line, reducing the need for manual analysis and rechecks from the program- MEASUREMENT SOFTWARE ENABLES CUSTOM INSPECTION RESULTS LAYOUTS mer. New Aicon optical scanner support enables seamless automation of sensor acquisition and PC-DMIS measurement and analysis. CAM models from Vero's Visi sof tware now can be directly imported into PC-DMIS, complete with identified Control Points that can be automatically converted to measurements. CAD file import is now multi- processor aware, providing faster importing and better experience overall. Also, a new Vir tual Machine dialogue is now organized in the tree- view arrangement for easier machine selection, with an added Table Only category so program- ming can be completed even when the exact machine is not known. A new CAD toolbar puts all the tools needed for CAD import and GD&T selection in one place. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, call 800-343-7933 or visit DIGITAL MICROMETER TRANSMITS DATA WIRELESSLY Mahr Federal's wireless data transmission capa- bility is now integrated in its Micromar 40 EWRi digital micrometer, the latest addition to the company's integrated wireless products which are designed to measure quickly, easily and reli- ably. Data is transferred to an i-Stick on a computer without cables, and MarCom software enables users to transmit data into any Windows program or existing SPC application with a keyboard code or directly into Microsoft Excel. The micrometer has 10-mm digits on a high- c o ntr a s t d i g i t a l d i s p l ay a n d wa r n i n g l i g hts, designed to make values and tolerances easy to read and understand. It is easy to handle because the zero position in the reference system is set once and remains stored for further mea- surements. A digital lock function freezes values so they can be easily read. It has class-IP65

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