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OCT 2017

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176 MMS October 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Parlec Inc., call 585-425-4400 or visit HYBRID METAL 3D PRINTER ADDS IN-PROCESS CORRECTION TECHNOLOGY Sodick has developed a new In-Process Correc- tion system for its OPM hybrid metal 3D printer. Using a CCD camera installed within the machine, the In-Process system aligns the OPM's 500-W fiber laser and 45,000-rpm spindle, and auto- matically corrects their positions and performs realignments when they become due in the main- tenance cycle. finishing for aerospace and mold and die appli- cations. The machines provide five-axis milling with 85/63 hp, 6,000 rpm and torque that is said to power through tough materials. Motorized spindles for finishing speeds of 20,000 rpm sup- ported by feed rates of 1,181 ipm are available. The machines are available in two base sizes, 79" × 158" and 98" × 197", and they suppor t table loads as heavy as 88,000 lbs. Waldrich Coburg, call 814-835-1955 or visit LASER METAL DEPOSITION HEAD INSTALLS INTO CNC MACHINE TOOLS Additive manufacturing company Formalloy has released its Formax metal deposition head. Using laser metal deposition (LMD) technology, the head can be integrated onto an existing machine or robot to repair, clad and create metal parts. According to the company the Formax head offers a reliable design for minimal maintenance and downtime, and enables integration with robotic or production lines to print, clad and repair at a lower cost than purchasing a complete LMD system. Constructed of durable materials, the LMD head is said to stand up to abusive environments and crashes and is suitable for demanding applications. The head uses open standards for power supply, enabling users to provide their own powder feeders and powders. Formalloy, call 619-377-9101 or visit The company says the system improves the precision of both the laser sintering and milling processes, reduces the frequency of maintenance, and ensure s gre ater proce ss accuracy. T he improved accuracy of the machine further makes it possible to program a smaller offset, ultimately reducing the amount of machining time required by as much as 25 percent. The system is said to enable producing parts faster and more reliably with less frequent maintenance. Sodick Inc., call 847-310-9000 or visit MILLING MACHINES' PLATFORM STABILITY IDEAL FOR HEAV Y ROUGHING CUTS Waldrich Coburg offers its Taurus 25 and Taurus 30 bridge-type milling machines, which feature cast iron structures and hydrostatic guideways for platform stability during heavy roughing cuts. They are said to provide high-speed, chatter-free

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