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OCT 2017

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Page 179 of 188 October 2017 MMS 177 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW GANTRY-TYPE MILLING MACHINE MINIMIZES CYCLE TIMES Soraluce's PXG-W gantry-type multitasking mill- ing machine is said to reduce setups while mini- mizing cycle times and potential errors on large- sized workpieces. The machining center has a working volume of 1,000 m 3 and is designed to meet the machining requirements of the energy, marine and CHP motor industries. The versatile machine is c a pa b l e of milling, turning, boring, drilling and threading. It features seven milling heads and three turning accesso- ries, and a 180-tool on- board magazine. The work area is split into two sub-areas. The surface of the main sub- area for machining pris- matic parts is equipped with floor plates measur- ing 12 × 6 m and has a load capacity of 25 tons/ m 2 . A 6-m-diameter turn- ing table with a capacity of 150 tons comprises the second sub-area. T h e t u r n i n g t a b l e i s equipped with sensors so that a function built into the CNC can help re-balance the weight of parts with asymmet- ric geometries. T h e m u l t i t a s k i n g center is equipped with a Siemens 840D SL CNC with the ability to handle both milling and turning operations, reducing the number of setups. T h e m u l t i t a s k i n g center is equipped with Soraluce's Vertical Ram Balance (VRB) system, use d to of f set rolling caused by the torsion of the cross-beam and differential bending of the columns; Dynamic Active Stabiliser (DAS), which damps vibration and reduces the risk of chatter or instability during machining; a thermal monitor- ing system that checks structural components and applies thermal compensation algorithms; a cast iron base; and linear guideways. Soraluce America Inc., call 815-315-9261 or visit 4TEX Drill Advantages Improved tool holder rigidity and increased reliability provided by the stronger core Superior chip evacuation provided by the 2 twisted coolant holes Improved hole size from the stronger core and increased coolant volume Longer tool life provided by the 4-sided insert design Increased penetration rates due to single effecƟve cuƫng on light duty machines Simplified tooling selection with ISO-specific insert geometry/coaƟng combinaƟons www . alliedmachine . com 120 Deeds Drive, Dover OH 44622, United States | +1.330.343.4283 4TEX ™ Drill Drilling Boring Reaming Burnishing Threading Specials VISIT BOOTH #2421 Periphery Edges Center Edges

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