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OCT 2017

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30 MMS October 2017 RAPID TRAVERSE Machining Technology in Brief position deviation by initiating a corrective move- ment in the relevant machine axis, thus enabling improved machining quality simultaneously with higher jerk and acceleration values, the company says. Nodding compensation can be used in conjunction with milling, multitasking, tapping, laser machining or waterjet machining. The new collision-protection feature covers two versions. The Eco version is designed to prevent collisions between the machine body and its own components within the work area. To achieve this effect in real time, the assemblies that need protection are calculated as simple geometric bodies created and visualized in 3D at the control interface. The Advanced variant includes full machine, tool and workpiece protection. The sof t ware provided by the Sinumerik product partner ModuleWorks runs via an interface inte- grated on an external PC, and works together with the CNC in real time to ensure that the machine, tool and workpiece can be continuously monitored and are dynamically protected during the machin- ing process. In addition, the Sinumerik Operate user inter- face has been enhanced to enable machine tool builders to develop customized side screens to show axis loads, alarms or tooling information along with other content of their own choosing, if desired. The side-screen option is available o n a n e w l i n e o f w i d e s c r e e n m o n i to r s f o r Sinumerik CNCs. Data generated by the CNC and transmitted to a network will take on greater importance and usefulness, thanks to new software applications, the company says. Siemens-developed apps such as Analyze MyPerformance and Analyze MyCondition provide reports about machine tool output and operating status for shopfloor viewing at the CNC. Additional apps can be hosted on the cloud-based MindSphere operating system, which has an open-source architecture. Mind- Sphere, the company says, provides a platform and infrastructure for its own apps, as well as for apps developed by third parties, which can also access, analyze and report on data streaming from connected CNCs. For example, Siemens has created Manage MyMachines, an app within MindSphere that enables shop managers to have a cloud-based over view of critical machine data and current operating status of all connected machines. The open nature of MindSphere is designed to encour- age development of apps by third-party partners, using MindSphere as the platform. MindApps is the name given to this growing collection of manufacturing execution apps. To facilitate connecting CNCs and other equip- ment for data streaming to MindSphere, Siemens has developed MindConnect. This utility interfaces directly with Sinumerik CNCs or indirectly with controls from other CNC suppliers using an add-on connector box. MindConnect is said to provide secure and encrypted data communication. MindSphere is a cloud- based "IIoT operating system" for hosting software applications that turn manufacturing data into understandable actionable information of value to the entire value stream. Siemens Industry Inc., call 800-879-8079 or visit

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