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OCT 2017

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32 MMS October 2017 DECIDING FACTORS A Focus on Data-Driven Manufacturing develop digital technology and the ongoing effort to promote the adoption of this technology. Here, the company is showcasing the Siemens Digital Enterprise, a walk-through, hands-on series of interactive exhibit stations that show the benefits of digitalization at each of the major steps in the manufacturing process. As visitors move from station to station (90 minutes would be sufficient to explore all of the stations thoroughly), it is compellingly clear how a virtual data model (the digital twin) can be cre- ated and handed off seamlessly from task to task to unify, automate and streamline manufacturing steps. No PowerPoint presentation can quite replicate the flow and continuity of data that is the hallmark of the digital enterprise that is emerg- ing. Siemens' exhibit makes this real. Other DMDII partners are using its space in various other ways. McKinsey & Company hosts its North American Digital Capability Center here as an experiential learning facility to give manu- facturers an opportunity to explore digital applica- tions for use by real operators with real products. It is e quippe d with re source s for wor k pie ce preparation and processing, as well as stations for measuring, finishing and packaging products. It is more than a training center, because par- ticipants can first " tr y on" the aspects of the digitally driven production line that most suit their needs, from augmented reality to artificial intel- ligence and collaborative robots in an environment M O D E R ATO R M A R K A LB E RT, m a l b e r t @ m m s o n l i n e.c o m A Tour of the DMDII Corporate partners of DMDII can use space there to bring digital manufacturing concepts to life. This is a partial view of McKinsey & Company's demo center and lab for exploring advanced digital applications that might otherwise be difficult to experience. A re c e nt p re s s c o nfe re n c e s p o n s o re d by Siemens gave me an opportunity to visit and tour the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innova- tion Institute (DMDII) on Goose Island in downtown Chicago (and no, I didn't see the famous brewery). DMDII was an appropriate setting for the press conference, which focused on how machine tool users and machine tool builders can benefit from digitalization within the scope of the company's overarching "digital enterprise" concept, because the digital enterprise is very much the focus of DMDII as well. The DMDII is a Chicago consor tium led by UILabs and is part of Manufacturing USA, which is described as a "network of institutes in which manufacturers of all sizes partner with academia and government to share manufacturing technol- ogy and workforce challenges to build a robust, sustainable R&D infrastructure." As a major sponsor of DMDII, Siemens has a substantial presence in the institute's workspace, a presence that reinforces the ongoing effort to

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